New year, new blog, new home!

6 years ago
Lucy North

Lucy North

Lucy is Content Producer at ABRSM looking after the blog, our online magazine, Libretto, and a range of other written materials and resources. She has a musical background and studied the piano at the Royal Academy of Music. When not writing, commissioning and editing for ABRSM, Lucy enjoys spending time with her two young boys, baking and exploring the Essex countryside.

With 2017 well and truly here, this is a chance to say Happy New Year from all of us at ABRSM. It’s also time to introduce our new blog and tell you about our new home. The blog will be somewhere to share news, ideas and opinions about the wonderful world of music and music education. And it’s not just going to be about ABRSM or exams. Yes, there’ll be posts from us, but we’re also inviting many others to get involved. As the year continues you’ll find contributions from teachers, students, parents, schools, examiners, musicians, composers and many more. If it’s about music or music education then it has a place here! We’d also love to know what kind of topics or people you’d like to see in the blog. Perhaps there’s something you’d like to write about. We promise to consider all suggestions, so if you have any ideas for the future please leave a comment below. And if you’d like to keep up to date with the latest posts, just send us your details using the sign-up form. Aside from the new blog, we’re all excited about being in our new offices at 4 London Wall Place, in the City of London. At the moment we’re still busy settling in, but it’s already starting to feel like home. We’re also looking forward to welcoming our first visitors and bringing some music making into the building. We have examiners and Local Representatives coming for training sessions and seminars in January and February, followed by exam candidates in March and April. We hope all our visitors like it here as much as we do. Until the next time, thanks for reading and have a happy and musical 2017!



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