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ABRSM releases new syllabuses for Trumpet and Trombone

7 years ago

ABRSM has refreshed its repertoire lists for Trumpet and Trombone. The syllabuses, which take effect in exams from January 2017, offer a broad selection of inspiring pieces that have been carefully selected to offer variety and new challenges to teachers and learners alike. Notably, the new repertoire lists feature pieces from ABRSM’s Shining Brass series and Spectrum for Trumpet. There are also pieces that can be taught in mixed instrument groups, featured particularly prominently in the earlier grades. There are no repertoire changes for other instruments in the Brass Syllabus 2017-2020, and no changes have been made to the requirements for scales, sight-reading and aural tests.

In tandem with the repertoire refreshment for Trumpet and Trombone, we have also taken the opportunity to update the pieces and requirements for Brass Prep Test students.

Find out more about the Brass Syllabus 2017-2020

Responding to feedback

Penny Milsom, ABRSM’s Executive Director: Products and Services, said: “We’ve listened to and consulted with teachers and candidates to select pieces for our syllabuses that are exciting, imaginative and inspiring to play and teach.” “Teachers have told us that they would like pieces that can be taught together in mixed instrument groups. We’ve ensured there are plenty of pieces and books set across the Brass syllabuses to accommodate this, including from our two Shining Brass books which offer choices for all three lists in Grades 1–5.” “Look out for James Rae’s engaging ‘Fanfare for the Wimbledon Common Man’ at Grade 1 Trumpet and Leroy Anderson's bittersweet classic, ‘A Trumpeter's Lullaby’, at Grade 6, as well as a welcome newcomer to the Grade 8 Trombone syllabus, Gustav Holst’s stirring 'Concertante', a moving tribute written for his own instrument.”


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